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Sunday, August 3, 2008

By Way of Explanation: Itty Bitty Committee

I mention in my episodes an entity called The Itty Bitty Committee.  This is an imaginary group of critics and backbiters that live in my psyche.  They are the product of my upbringing and culture.  They were inserted through my ear canal at different developmental stages.  Picture either The Last Supper or a gaggle of Gods and Goddesses peering over the edge of Mt. Olympus.  

  • Green Guilt Giant:  Environmentally Militant, it could be noble to have such a thing as one of your sensibilities if I didn't know this was just another way to manifest guilt about something.
  • Frightened Adult: Wearing a beige sweater and skirt, FA is a hand ringing alarmist who is terrified of lead pencils and other sharp objects.  She is responsible for making me wear my seatbelt and never letting me get drunk.
  • Naugahide Man:  He wears a dirty white undershirt, blue plaid boxer shorts and one of those baseball caps that holds two beer cans and a long straw and sits in a fake leather recliner at the left of the long table.  He hates everything I do. He knows nothing is going to work and that if someone likes me, they just haven't known me long enough.  He is single handedly responsible for keeping me from having a writing career twenty years ago.
  • Librarian:  Has no other function other than muttering "Oh, really?"
  • God Bothering Gospel Dependent Bible Banging Foot Dragger:  Morality Watch
Other members come forward every once in a while but these are the major players.  By the way, this group is not meant to be ever confused with The Itty Bitty Titty Committee - that is a lesbian movie about plastic surgery.  


lisasabatier said...

I have the same but different committee

Shirley Landis VanScoyk, Rodeo Princess said...

There is also This:

The Itty Bitty Committee is a casual raiding guild on the Kel'Thuzad (US) realm.

World of Warcraft which is a game that my grandsons play.

lisasabatier said...

Are your grandsons as obsessed with WOW as my kids are?

Shirley Landis VanScoyk, Rodeo Princess said...

If by obsessed do you mean that they play it all the time, talk about it all the time, YES they are. But see, my son plays it with them, against people in other countries. At least they told me this but I think that might be my son's lame attempt to make playing WOW a cultural activity. As in, Mom, they are playing WOW against people in OTHER COUNTRIES, so they don't need to go to the Art Museum.