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Sunday, August 17, 2008


 After I used the bulb in soup I put the stems in an old jar.  The vascular system of the leek continued to pull water up and it swelled the different stems inside, and each morning when I come down, the protrusion is about half an inch higher.  Fog the cat keeps nibbling on them.   

I am posting this for Greentwinsmummy - over at the Simple Life blog, because I was startled to see that she and I - thousands of miles apart, bought leeks the same week.  

I was going to post this picture last night but I was distracted by Presidential Politics on Tv.  Sorry, Greentwinsmummy!  

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Greentwinsmummy said...

heeeyyy! nice leeks!! ;O) & I am gigling because I have lived nearly 38 years & never NEVER! stuck a leek end in water to make it poooof out the other end. IHAVENOTLIVED!!! Thats the sort of thing that will amaze the smalls thankyou so much lol!!!
Although they shall have to wait as the leeks are destined for soup midweek when we have family coming up from where we used to live,I shall have the jars of water line dup ready & waiting!
GTM x x xx