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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Naked Shrimp Caught On Tape!

And Sharks! and MONSTROUS FISH!!!!

(WARNING WARNING EXTREMELY PROUD AUNT ALERT!!! If you find Aunt-fawning and boasting offensive, please read no further)

My brilliant nephew Mike works for National Geographic building critter cams. If you go HERE you will be instantly transported to Belize, Mexico where he was on a team that built this wonderful continuous streaming camera that films actual goings -on at the Reef. Imagine! Right on your computer!!! Make sure while you are there you check out the other critter cam sites!!

PS: the cherry on the cake - I got the link from Mike's exceptional fiancee, Monika, who was at an international Nature Conservancy conference in Barcelona where National Geographic promoted Mike's site!!!

Oh, Oh, if you enjoy it, it wouldn't hurt to donate to National Geographic so they can keep doing this great work! Button on the site~

1 comment:

aromatic said...

Truly OUT OF THIS WORLD!! And so you should be an extremely proud Aunt.... you have a brilliant nephew.. Please send Mike a BIG THANK YOU from little old me, I will keep going back to check out the Reef.. also another BIG THANK YOU to Monika who gave you the link.

Jane xxx