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Sunday, November 9, 2008



Greentwinsmummy said...

awwww! you have won the aawwww award today :o) & what a great photo of one about to crack out of that hole its chipped)cheeped lol!
Are all the girls in the nest boxes sitting? you have a veritable maternity ward there!
GTM x x x

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

We have one scrawny silkie rooster and he is able to get with the banty and silkie hens, but the Barred Rocks (two full size laying hens) have no interest in him, so the big eggs are infertile. We have one silkie and two banty hens and they are all broody now, in fact there seems to be some jealousy about the baby so we have to keep a watch. Since the hens got broody we have been BUYING eggs, which is sort of ironic, but Youngest Grandchild is the Midwife and he makes the rules!

aromatic said...

I agree with greentwinsmummy... you have most definitely won the aawwwwww award today!!
How sweet...... I want one!!!
I am afraid I have no choice but to buy shop brought eggs... been years since I have tasted a decent 'homegrown'egg!!! so to speak.
We are not allowed to keep chickens where we live so will just have to keep on dreaming!!!
So eggciting watching them hatch!!
Love Jane xxx

AnitaJRT said...

I think the first hatchling should be name Obama and the second hatchling be Biden. Ha!

Jocie said...

They are sooo adorable!! I can't wait to meet the new additions on the VanScoyk Farm:)