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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And then there are the orbs......

About the spirits in this house - people are always asking me if there are ghosts or spirits here, because of the age of the house. Statistically, if your house is more than thirty four years old, someone has died in it. So, since ours is hundreds of years old, and has sheltered dozens of families, it stands to reason that people have passed on here. We know definitely that babies were born here (although none of ours).

After Charles died, many many small electrical events were laid at his feet - light bulbs which blew over and over, the barn light suddenly coming on when no one was in the barn, etc. Once, Girlfriend Lynda and I were on the porch talking about him and the porch light over her head flashed on and off several times.

Years ago, a friend's mother said something "touched her' on the shoulder while she was looking out the window. She said it was a very 'real' experience, and she was alone in the house when it happened.

Often, items that are hanging from the ceiling in the kitchen are found on the counter in the morning. It's a nine and a half foot ceiling - I'm five feet. Even if I was sleepwalking, I couldn't get up there without a ladder, and since I don't put things away when I am awake, I am sure if I was asleep when I used it, that ladder would be left out in the morning. So I am saying, it's not me.

I once found my eldest grandson, then about four, sitting on the steps talking to the air. I said, who are you talking to, baby? He looked at me like I was an idiot and said, "the people in the bubbles" and pointed randomly in the air. That's sort of cute, right? Until you have virtually the same conversation with his little brother, six years later.

Anyway, one day this summer some ghostbusters just stopped by and asked about 'activity' in the house. They specifically asked about orbs. I got orbs. Oh yes.

These orbs show up every time I take photos. WIth any camera. They show up in pictures taken with my camera, in friend's cameras and movie cameras and video cameras. They show up in pictures in the barn, in the dining room, in the living room and the kitchen. For instance, the two photos above were taken seconds apart with the same camera, from a focal point only inches apart. There's that orb again - and if you look closely you can see a stylized sort of 'eye' in it.

Even with this going on, I have never felt scary here, whatever is here is fine with me and we get along. I have offered a tactical truce about behavior though - I just asked loudly that if things are to be moved, I just don't want to SEE them. Or I will get the priest. Anyone else with an old house have these experiences?


Ann said...

We have an old house, nothing here though, thank goodness, we have since found out the previous owner died here, in our main bedroom apparently in rather embarassing circumstances !!!!

aromatic said...

I am glad that you are not finding it scary... I am not so sure I would be as calm as you.
I do not live in an old house, but have worked in old houses and have felt presences. I also have family that live in a very old house in Scotland and my daughter and I both experienced some strange goings on whilst staying there for a short holiday... When we mentioned this to my family it turned out that most of them had experienced strange happenings. It always seemed to occur in one part of the house. It was not a comfortable feeling either, it was quite disturbing, so guess the spirit/spirits were not happy.
Love your blog.. you have a great sense of humour. Love the deer story.

Jane xxx

bowiechick said...

Hmm...I suppose you've ruled out using a different camera too. Interesting all the same. The Bowie was never haunted but a roommate said that the Lightship that used to be beside us was haunted. He used to wake up to hearing people screaming. Now I do think the new marina that we live at is haunted as stuff disappears and reappears again. Little stuff. Weirdness is everywhere.

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

Little stuff disappears? Maybe someone is light fingered?
People screaming? Now that is a haunting!

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it's the same orb -- one over the painting in the first pic, then another in the second pic in green of the table. I hope you weren't playing with the bubble wand again, princess. I think the spirits keep you around for entertainment! Can't blame them. And loved the Oliver poem!

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

Well, Anon, the painting is by my father and the table was new when I took the picture so I'm saying it was Daddy checking out the table! No bubble wands here - !!!!

Greentwinsmummy said...

weyyyyl I want to know the embarrassing circumstances that Anns ghost departed on for starters lol!
Shirley we used to get orbs a plenty at the old house,I have countless photos of them,one time hubby was pointing saying take a piture there,there,& there etc he said it was colder,when they came out there were orbs in each one,moved in the direction of the next photo if that makes sense.
I took it to be my grandad,we lived in their old house & grandad I think became rather good at letting us know he was still around & keeping an eye on us in a nice way of course!

Its an even older house here,we have heard footsteps in the smalls room(above this room) so many times but at this time of year,it was only when they started up this year we said heyy havent heard that since lastyear?!? a seasonal ghost :o) never a bad feel here tho,the old manor house if you google Purse Caundle Manor,is supposed to be very haunted.

Shirley Landis VanScoyk said...

Hello, GTM - same thing here - never a bad or scary feeling, so I am saying we live in harmony whatever it is. Like everything else, I guess, it's what you get used to and your outlook. Believe me, with all the behavior around here, the ghosts are the best behaved!